How to clean your bathroom properly?

If you know how to clean your bathroom properly, that is highly advantageous in terms of the hygiene of your loved ones. Well, you should know that your bathroom is the number one breeding ground for bacteria in any household. And, if you can keep that clean, you will be able to be worry-free about contamination elsewhere. Keeping bacteria out of your beloved home is an exceptionally important thing, specifically if you have small children or seniors who need looking after. The good news, however, is that deep cleaning your bathroom in the proper way is not that difficult at all. 

Step-by-step measures to clean your bathroom

Here are the measures you should take in order to clean your bathroom properly. 

  • Shower
  • This is one of the most important places that you will need to focus on when it comes to cleaning. That is specifically because the bacteria in the showerhead can be associated with pulmonary disease. Before everything else, you should get a shopping bag, pour some vinegar in it and submerge the showerhead. Be sure to leave it overnight. Then, you should take down the shower curtains and wash them properly (with a machine). If there are glass panels, be sure to scrub them using bicarbonate and vinegar before using the normal detergents. After that, you should clean the drain and the floor of your shower. Then, you can scrub down everything down once again. 

  • Bathroom grout
  • If the tile grout is blackened, you should get a toothbrush that is soaked in bleach properly and scrub it thoroughly. You must know that grout is the place where hidden bacteria can thrive. So, spray a multipurpose cleaner on the entire bathroom and ensure that you turn on a hot shower. Then, get the bathroom steamy. It is required because steam with detergent can kill the lurking bacteria as well. Then, you can wipe the bathroom. 

  • Toilet
  • Well, the toilet is imperative and no explanation needed for it. You must start it with the bowl. Use bicarbonate of soda and pour it into the bowl. Then, allow it to sit for about five minutes. Then get to work with it using a good toilet cleaning brush. Then, be sure to clean the rest of the toiler as you normally do. Be sure to flush the toilet when you flush. 

  • Sink
  • Be sure to pour a proper mixture of baking soda and vinegar down the drain first. Then, you should pour some boiling water down it straight afterward. This is required when the drain of a basin has large clusters of bacteria. Also, be sure that you clean the sink and wipe it down with a cloth soaked in vinegar. That will kill all of the germs.

    Well, that’s how to clean your bathroom and have it a safe and germ-free place for your loved ones. Make sure that you carry out this type of deep cleaning once every two weeks for optimal hygiene.