Benefits of having plants at your home or office.

We all are aware that plants are a nice value-addition to your office room. They can offer an appealing working environment and freshen the air. Also, it offers a pleasant work environment. That said, there are some other less-known benefits associated with having plants at your home office. 

  • It can reduce the background noise
  • In certain cases, your office can get noisy due to various reasons. Be it the tapping on the keyboard, ringing phones, printers, and even the street noise, they can make you feel disturbed. However, if you have a couple of plants around - hung on a macramé or mounted on a stand – you can expect significant results because plants can counter the aforesaid aspects. 

    Many scientific studies have suggested that offices that are decorated with a sufficient number of plants can absorb the sounds around them. In fact, some of those plants show better efficiency in absorbing certain frequencies than others. 

  • Plants can reduce the dust 
  • Offices that have plants in them have very low dust levels. A study says that a sufficient number of plants in an office environment can reduce the dust levels by as much as 20%. 

    In fact, the precise reason for the above is still unknown. However, it is believed that that, because plants filter the air by nature, the dust particles that move here and there would be processed. 

  • Plants can keep the temperature down
  • Plants generally cool themselves down simply through a process called transpiration. During this process, they release moisture into the air around them. As a result, it can lower the room temperature significantly (by as much as 10 F). Moreover, the same process can increase the humidity of the air even up to 60%. 

    Interestingly, the humidity range created by plants (30%-60%) is considered to be the perfect level for humans. So, that means, that employees working in those conditions are at their most comfortable. It is true that you can control the humidity through air conditions and de-humidifiers. However, the natural process can make you feel really different and it can keep everything under the normal level. 

  • Plants are a stress reliever
  • Probably, this fact is already realized by you. It is not that surprising to learn that plants can relieve stress. However, many individuals don’t necessarily use plants inside the office just with the expectation of relieving stress. 

    Various researches confirm that plants can mitigate the signs of stress, high emotions, impatience, destructive criticism, overreactions, etc. When you see a plant close by, you start to feel very relaxed and open-minded. Also, you get a feeling of cooperation and your productivity will boost. 

    Just like choosing a plant, it is important to place them properly in your office. Otherwise, you might not be able to enjoy the fullest benefits of plants. In this case, it is strongly suggested to use a nice plant holder (a macramé or a stand). That will boost the overall appearance and add better value to the plant.